UNKNOWN: this IndexWriter is closed after disk space was full

Hey our disk run out of space (airbyte started a sync that was not supposed to happen).
Now if i want to access any space i get this error:


I tried “./dremio-admin clean -i” but this gets me the error:

But i have no idea what the other process is


should i restart the dremio service first? I dont want to lose the views i wrote yesterday
I just created a Backup and turned off the safemode of hdfs

Edit 2: I restarted the service which fixed the issue. Thread can be closed

@ASchmidt Restart will clear recovery files that are no longer needed. What version of Dremio are you on, if > 16.x then can you please send me the zip file attachment the below API creates? You would need to change your auth id

curl --location --request GET 'localhost:9047/apiv2/kvstore/report?store=none' \
--header 'Authorization: _dremioirr8hj6qnpc3tfr3omiqvev51c' > kvstore_summary.zip