Unsupported path in Hive Parquet readers

Any one seeing this error in Community edition? Same query works fine in Enterprise Edition.


Kindly provide us with the job profile

Looks like job completed after 8+ hrs. I am OOO today and tomorrow but can join if needed.

09d52f1d-87ac-43ad-9b73-88889270aedc.zip (4.4 KB)

@balaji.ramaswamy Any updates for this errror? I also met this error today.

RESOURCE ERROR: Unsupported path in Hive Parquet readers

This error was happening due to the large table and it is erroring out during gathering of metadata. User was issuing multiple of these select statement seeing the previous runs were not completing. We advised them not to run multiple. Not sure if its happening again, need to check


Please let us know if you hit this issue again


Balaji, We encountered this error today on another table (163K records only). Works fine in enterprise but throws Unsupported path in Hive Parquet readers in CE


Are you able to provide

  • hive DDL
  • parquet-tools meta


Below is the DDL I have another question for you. Do you have an update on Role based reflection creation ( Today only admins can create them and you mentioned that you guys were working on a story to make it available depending on the Role)