UnsupportedFileSystemException error while provision through Yarn with MapR

Does the Community Edition support maprfs?

I following instructions at https://docs.dremio.com/deployment/yarn-deployment.html to install Dremio. I used the tarball and had Dremio installed at a different directory to /var/lib. I started up the Master Coordinator by running the script (rather than as a service), and encounter the following error while provision through Yarn with secured MapR cluster:

ERROR c.d.d.server.GenericExceptionMapper - Unexpected exception when processing POST http://hostname:9047/apiv2/provision/cluster : java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.hadoop.fs.UnsupportedFileSystemException: fs.AbstractFileSystem.maprfs.impl=null: No AbstractFileSystem configured for scheme: maprfs

The error seems to suggest maprfs isn’t supported. Does the Community Edition supports MapR-FS, or the Enterprise Edition is needed?

Dremio version: dremio-community-2.0.1-201804132205050000-10b1de0
MapR version: with secured cluster

Did you use the Dremio build for MapR?


Thanks Kelly. It works fine after I switched to the MapR version.

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