Using Dremio on top of multiple interrelated MS Access DBs

Dear Community,

following is my case: I have multiple MS Access DBs of which interdependencies historically evolved. This became very complex.

I was wondering if Dremio can be applied on these MS Access DBs to visualize data lineage.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, Access is not supported at this time. We hope to have an SDK out later this year that will allow people to create their own connectors.

Thank you Kelly for the quick reply.

Hi @kelly,

Any news on a SDK to create our own connectors? We also have several MS Access DB to connect to and at this point it is a show stoper to going further with Dremio.


We were just talking about this yesterday. Nothing yet scheduled, but we hope to report back soon on when you can expect this.

Any other sources you have in mind aside from MS Access?

Thanks for the answer Kelly.

We will have several Excel and csv files, but I think it is not an issue for Dremio.