V3.0 bug? Items not appearing in version history UI

I’m a brand new Dremio user trying it out, so please forgive me if this isn’t a real bug.

I’m trying this tutorial and have reached the point where the version history UI is shown, with this screenshot. (I can’t embed more than one image in my first Discord post, apparently.)

However, on my machine (MacOS, Chrome, using a relatively recent Oracle JDK) I see:


Key differences:

  1. Fewer items in the list, though I’m at the same point.
  2. No “from (old type)” in the operation description. Elsewhere in the version history UI, I see “Convert Date from Text to Date” so clearly the “from …” text is showing up for some convert operations.

One difference may be that I changed both the types and the names of each of the X & Y columns using a single operation (so: two operations, each combining a type-change and rename, instead of two type-change operations and two rename operations). However, if that’s the case, then the operation description should explain both sub-operations. Right now, none of the descriptions in my UI show that the X & Y columns were renamed; it’s only showing the type conversions.

From what I can tell, the original tutorial screenshots were taken on Dremio 1.1.0, and I’m using Dremio 3.

Apart from this, the tutorials are great so far, and I’m very excited about what I’ve seen of Dremio. Thanks!

Your sense for why these are different is correct, and you could verify this by performing the same number of discreet steps. On the other hand it is perfectly valid to do multiple steps in one go as you have seen. When you’re more comfortable editing the SQL this will especially be the case.

I agree we could show a better description here of what steps were performed, but this I don’t think this is a bug.