Version control & deployments discussion

Is there a recommendation for deployment processes, including version control etc.

The options I see for deploying from staging to production

  1. Make a backup of staging and restore that into production.
  2. Use docker and deploy the staging image to production.

Ideally I’d like to have some version control of dremio SQL using github. Is that possible?

A rough process that I’d like to have for developing on Dremio would look something like the following.

  1. Develop new features locally, commit the new SQL code to github for review
  2. Others can pull the SQL from github, test and review
  3. Deploy new reviewed SQL to staging environment, run final tests
  4. Deploy tested code to production

Something similar for Dremio config changes, where any change to the system settings are also tracked on github.

Is there a guide or precedent for this?
Is the SQL stored in an open format so that I can deploy code manually?

Is there any precedent for version control in Dremio?

Dremio has “version control” per VDS object in our interface. It is seen with the right dots on the right side of the screen. We keep a record of all (SQL) actions done to a VDS and users can review/test by sharing. This is automatically stored in our metadata storage but unfortunately is not exportable today.