What does the new Conduit Service do?

I noticed there is a new Conduit service in Dremio 4.5.0. What does the Conduit Service do in inter-node communication?

Also, it feels weird to add configuration for Fabric Layer SSL just so the Conduit service can reference it, when Fabric Layer SSL still appears to be not-supported in the Dremio-OSS version…

Before 4.5, the framework used for inter-node communication was Dremio’s “fabric”, which is built on top of Netty. In addition to that, starting in 4.5, the conduit module is used for inter-node communication. This is built on top of gRPC. Current thinking is that “fabric” will be deprecated.

Configuring SSL for conduit does not depend on configuring SSL for fabric. But if SSL for fabric was configured before 4.5, the same configuration will be used for SSL for conduit, unless overridden.

What you mentioned sounds like an issue with documentation. Could you point me to where that is?