What exactly is <DREMIO_COORDINATOR>

I’m trying to connect through a jdbc driver and on the docs page (https://docs.dremio.com/drivers/dremio-jdbc-driver.html) it says to use


to connect. I have used this URI however I’m not exactly sure what the <DREMIO_COORDINATOR> variable is supposed to be. Is this the name of my node under admin? Am I missing something?

Dremio servers can have two roles: coordinator and executor. Coordinator manages the user requests, parse the queries, and executor is in charge of connecting to datasources to execute the query (hence the name).

By default, each Dremio node is both a coordinator and an executor, so you can replace <DREMIO_COORDINATOR> with any hostname. But if you choose to assign roles to your nodes, then you would need to select a node with the coordinator role to connect to.


It is a node that handles the user requests and coordinates the execution of the query. The coordinator also manages query planning and based on the degree of parallelization in the plan, execution work is farmed out to executor nodes.

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My response crossed with Laurent’s. His response has more details.