Which version(s) of SQL are supported?

Hi everybody,
I’m wondering which version(s) of SQL does Dremio support? I suspect this might depend on the data source, but I can’t find anything about it in the docs.

Also, I’m wondering about the completeness of the built-in Functions helper and the online documentation. Are they supposed to be exhaustive? For example, I cannot find COALESCE in the helper (but it’s listed in the documentation).


Are you asking versions of SQL server? or more towards, are we ANSI-Complaint?

You are right, there are some functions that do not come up on the UI like COALESCE or RANK but we do support them. We are working on getting them aligned



More towards ANSI compliance, for example does dremio support a specific version like SQL:2006 or is it compatible to say Postgresql SQL Version x.y.