Wildcard queries on other sources besides Elastic


I would like to perform some queries using wildcard on Parquet Files on S3, just like BigQuery supports.

Are you planning to release some feature like that soon?

Hello @allan.sene,

Thanks for the suggestion @allan.sene. What is your particular use case for this feature?

I have lots of process that write Parquet files on S3. Those files are written inside partitions, and sometimes, we update this data.

We have queries/views that reads lots of data from lots of tables that we use in dashboards and reports. To easy this views, we create (automatically, via scripting) VDSs that represents this filtering by a date field. This way, we can refresh only the reflection for this portion of data, when we detect that some parquet file is updated. You can see this VDSs like Support Anchor Datasets.

So we have a VDS that UNION ALL this VDS to return the specific data to those reports.

Would be great to have something like select * from my_partitioned_vds*, so we don’t have to create this UNION ALL VDS all the time.