32k Limit for Parquet columns

Hello everyone,

are there any workaround for the 32k limit for column size?

I am using docker single node deploy for trying out dremio and I hit this wall.
I saw that this limit is announced here https://docs.dremio.com/advanced-administration/limits.html, I wanted to know if there is a way to incresase this.
Throug the dremio UI this table I have is pretty useless due to this limit.

I’m also hitting this problem.
What is the reason for this limit?
Can we make this configurable?

Hello @vitoravancini & @mingfang

Currently, 32K is the limit for the size of fields in records.

However, we already have multiple requests for this, so this might be a part of a future release.

Currently, we cannot configure it.


What is the ETA for this fix?
I limit is unnecessary and the value seems arbitrary.
It’s a show stopper for us.

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I just upgraded to v4.6.0 and the 32K problem is not fixed.
Can you at least acknowledge this is a bug?
And that there will be a fix?

I want to know if I should wait for a fix or give up on Dremio and look for a different solution because the 32K limit is critical problem for us.

@mingfang Im at the exact same situation as you.
32k is also a show stopper for us and if this is not something dremio is planning on fix/change we will stop trying to use dremio.

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I submitted a PR to fix it but so far no response from Dremio.

I may have to fork the project and create my own distribution with this fix.