A long time and does not respond Elasticsearch and Tableau

Problem: I can not get data with Tableau connecting to a data set based on elasticsearch, it has several hours running but it does not end. the source data set has 4GB

What version of Elasticsearch are you using? Dremio currently supports 2.x and 5.x.


Pude conectarme a eslasticsearch, ver los index .doc y de hecho consultarlos a traves de un conjunto de datos con Tableau. Sin embargo cuando son muchos registros genera un error: Read timed out. Que puedo hacer?.

On the other hand I wanted to know how to consult only the last index of elasticsearch (the last generated file).

Good morning, I connected to elasticsearch see all the index and consulting in one data set with Tableau. However when existing many data show the error: read timed out.
How can I see the data most fastly because the data stays loading, not responding?

Hi Adam, what version of Elasticsearch are you using? Dremio only supports 2.x and 5.x at this time.