Not able to exract the rows from Elastic Search


I am trying to extract few rows from ES the query starts but doesn’t finish i.e its taking too much time even when i’m trying to extract only 10 rows(tried this using SQL quries from Tableau).

Is it normal to take it so much of time?

Once it ran for 257 hrs and the limit of rows was 1000 even then I was unable to get the table for analysis.



Please attach a query plan.

Also, what version of ES, and how much data is managed by the ES cluster?

Typically a query will run in a few seconds, depending on the source and performance of the source system. If the queries are slow Data Reflections can be used to accelerate performance.

Hi Kelly,

ES Version is 6.1.2.

I have attached Query, visualization planning and planning in zip file.


Query& (3.2 KB)

Please follow these instructions for attaching a query profile:

Hi Kelly,

Please find the attached query profiles (6.0 KB) (6.8 KB) (3.6 KB)