Access Azure CosmosDB for NoSQL from Dremio Cloud

Is there a way to access Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL in Dremio Cloud? I believe you can access CosmosDB MongoDB and CosmosDB PostgreSQL using the MongoDB and PostgreSQL connections, but not sure about Azure Cosmos DB for NoSQL.

Hi @cpollock,

I don’t know of a specific connector for CosmosDB, but based on their claims, one can use the MongoDB connector to access the CosmosDB data: Introduction/Overview - Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB | Microsoft Learn
Please let us know if that helps.

Thanks, Bogdan

Thanks, but as I initially said I am not looking to connect CosmosDB MongoDB. CosmosDB has multiple types and I’m looking to connect CosmosDB NoSQL:

I’m not up to date with the latest CosmosDB development, but if they say that the MongoDB or PostgreSQL APIs offer the same functionality as their NoSQL API without the latest features, then you should be able to use such built-in Dremio connectors, like MongoDB or PostgreSQL, instead or writing your own connector.