Access to IFC/DWG files

Hi All,

I want to read IFC or DWG files to import data into tables?
Has anyone done this with Dremio?

If an external tool is needed:
Is it possible, from Dremio, to call an external program?
The idea would be to use the python library IfcOpenShell to parse the IFC file, access data and export data into Dremio tables.


@Christophe When you say IFC and DWG, are they the file formats, Dremio can only read the below

  • Parquet
  • Iceberg
  • Delta Lake
  • CSV/Text
  • JSON
  • ORC via Hive
  • AVRO via Hive

IFC files are text-files (SPF, XML or JSON).
The complexity is to read the schema and to export data to a table (or many tables).
There are some librairies to parse IFC files, like the python library IfcOpenShell.

So, my question is: does someone parse IFC with dremio (using a extern librairy for ex. )?


@Christophe Out of the above formats of IFC files only JSON is currently supported, no XML or SPF support now


Ok, thank you.