Add persistent volume as data source

We have installed Dremio on K8s on premise. In the values.yaml file we have added under the executor section:
- name: dremio-executor-shared-pv
claimName: dremio-executor-shared-pvc
- name: dremio-executor-shared-pv
mountPath: /shared
readOnly: false
The PV is mounted and can be seen when bash into the executor pods.

How do we add this volume as a data source in Dremio? I have tried to Add Data Source > NAS and entered “/shared” as Mount Path

@humanSupafly Just so I am on the same page, do you want to read your Parquet data from this mount? Is this mount available on all executor pods? to just read parquet data, you can give the path but if you want to store reflections use file:/// in the dist setting in dremio.conf

@balaji.ramaswamy I have created and mounted a persistent volume via the config yaml file instead. I don’t know if this is the most recommended to do this - was hoping to mount a nfs file in the web ui.

@humanSupafly Is the persistent volume a NAS offering that can be NFS mounted on all executors?

@balaji.ramaswamy yes the PV is added to all executors under extraVolumes and then mounted - all in the value.yaml file.
Thanks for your inputs.

Trying to close this topic, but can’t figure out where to do this :slight_smile: