Update helm chart from old to new How data will copied

I have used olded Version of Helm 6 month back where i have used External Disk to mount ,Now i see there was letest helm Chart Version https://github.com/dremio/dremio-cloud-tools/tree/master/charts/dremio but if i see dremio-master.yml and dremio-executor.yml both are using Diffrent volume i mean Diffrent Disk itself ,in our case i have one Disk DB backup for Old Dremio 3.1.1-201901281837360699-30c9d74, so if i have to Use latest version of Helm should i have to copy DB folder in Both Disk ,since DB file i have almost 56 GB,

Here is old master,yml
- name: dremio-master-volume
mountPath: /opt/dremio/data
command: ["/opt/dremio/bin/dremio-admin"]
- “upgrade”

      - name: visurreg
  - name: dremio-master-volume
      claimName: dremio-master-volume 

In Executer no volume mount on older version


Are you talking about metadata or data?

Metadata has been in a persistent store dremio-master-volume for quite some time. If your deployment is from earlier version and you do not have that persistent volume, then it was earlier mapped to hostpath on the node where the master pod was running (at /var/dremio/dremio-master-volume). You should be able to copy the db out of that.
(Note, it is always a good idea to do a backup of the metadata so that you can restore if you need to)

If you are talking about data - data stored in the executors like uploads or acceleration data or old job results - you need to load/run them again.

Does that help?

Thanks for Quick reply ,i have missed Db Copy on Executor pvc Disk ,after copies its able to work now