Adding Users To Dremio

Not alone? Here’s how to add users to Dremio so you can collaborate around your datasets.

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I’ve installed on debian by uncompressing tar file and running server.
When navigating to the main page a login form is presented.
What is the defaut user/password?How I can setup a password using dremio-admin tool?

Thanks in advance

The first time you run Dremio, you’ll be asked to create an admin user when you access http://localhost:9047. That page looks like this:


No, just a login form :frowning: so guess the app detects an existing user? I so, where should be?

Two request to “login”: DELETE and POST, the second one fails but never asks for creating a user.
I just uncompressed and executed bin/dremio

Finally got working.
The “db” folder under “data” is missing. Once created Dremio shows the “New user” screen allowing to create a new user and working fine.

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