Add & Edit user are not working

At first I thought that something is wrong within the installation, but the problems are returning each time.
Connecting to the application with the admin user succeeds, but then :

  1. Adding a new user seems to work successfuly by the returned value (the response to the action states that it succceeds).
  2. The newly added user cannot sign-in, always the same weird authentication failure.
  3. Then I try to edit the user, and then I get mix of errors, with the “something went wrong” annoying response
    sometimes it says the the users does not exist, although it appears right in front of me, on the UI.
    sometimes it failed with
    java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /var/lib/dremio/data/db/search/userGroup/core/

Then, from time to time, of after logging out from the admin-user, I seem to get AuthenticationFailed also on the admin user.
Nothing , but nothing works, but stopping the dremio service on the server, using the admin-password utility, and then starting again.

I am working with the 1.3 version, on Centos 6, and it is really impossible to work like that.
Couldn’t find anything about that on the community, although I am quite sure that I am not the only one getting those issues.

Hi @ravenr

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are going through. Currently the CE edition of Dremio only supports admin users.

Can you please provide us with the following info:

  1. Screenshot of usernames from the Dremo UI.
  2. server.log and server.out as an attachment when the error happens

Dremio Log Files


I understand now, that this is not supported.
I would expect to get grayed option, that cannot be chosen rather than this behavior, that everything is destroyed as you try to add users.
Why enable this option to add user.

@ravenr sorry to hear about your experience. Just saw your response on this thread. Couple of things:

  • You should be able to add multiple users in the Community Edition. All users will have administrative privileges as Balaji mentioned – this is by default. However, the behavior you are experiencing is definitely un-expected.
  • Could you give us the exact steps you are taking to reproduce this, since you mentioned it happened multiple times even after re-installing. Also it would be great to get server.log as you do these steps. We’ve tried the following, but unfortunately could not reproduce the problem you ran into
    1. clean install
    2. create 2nd user
    3. try logging in with 2nd user
    4. logout and login back with the 1st user
    5. change all fields for the 2nd user
    6. logout and login with the updated 2nd user.