All NameNode proxies have failed over

I’ve started to see the following error in Dremio. Not sure if it’s related to Hadoop or a Dremio setting:

RemoteException: No valid proxies left. All NameNode proxies have failed over.

@Ryan are you passing anything via the Dremio Hive or HDFS sources via advanced options? If yes, can you please send a screen shot? Are you also able to share core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml from the Dremio conf folder?

Thanks for the reply, we determined it was an error on a data source. closing isue.

Thanks for the update @Ryan

@balaji.ramaswamy This issue seems to have crept back in and it doesn’t look like a data source issue after all. Should I open up a ticket in I can provide the information there.

@Ryan This issue is related to your Hadoop NameNode the configuration under the Dremio source, Do you have anything set under the advanced options of the Dremio UI HDFS or Hive source? Can you validate if those are right?