Alternative for is_clean_data function in dremio 24

I would llike to check if values of a selected column has clean type of data and then cast it accordingly.
However I don’t find any function in dremio 24 other than, isnumeric, isfalse, istrue kind of functions.
is there any alternative for is_clean_data function in dremio 24?

For ex., like below, I am looking for a solution in dremio 24.

--CREATE TABLE $scratch.test.a AS Select 1 AS a 
--CREATE TABLE $scratch.test.b AS Select 'a' AS a
--SELECT * FROM $scratch.test
SELECT a, is_clean_data(a, 0, 'INTEGER'), is_clean_data(a, 0, 'TEXT') FROM $scratch.test

Appreciate any help.