Any news about Dremio 24.2.x OSS release

It’s been declared a week ago, but still no OSS release avaiable…

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I’m also concerned about the matter discussed in this thread: Not found build or code for version 24.2.0, but it appears that there hasn’t been any support or answers provided yet.

@sheinbergon and @ducvo

Could both of you confirm that you’re using oss or is it community edition (docker, rpm, etc)?


I’m donwloading the tar archive from your download server

So I’m guessing it counts as a community edition

I’m looking for version 24.2, but I couldn’t find it on Docker, GitHub, or the community-server page.

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Yes. I using the docker at Docker

The JDBC driver for 24.2.0 has been published already, a day or so after the release notes were published, so it seems the build has been made internally a long time ago.
Previously, publishing (Github, tarballs and docker images) used to lag a week or two tops, but recently it’s more like a month.

We can only speculate as to why, whether it be due to final QA or allowing enterprise customers to get early access. It would be interesting to know whether it’s already available for enterprise customers. Meanwhile, not much to do but wait :man_shrugging:t3:


Indeed. We can just wait.

It would be beneficial if they began indicating in the release notes the date for release the OSS version. This would make things a bit clearer for us.

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My team is change to use Starrocks :upside_down_face:

24.2 community edition is now available.

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@isha @balaji.ramaswamy great, thank you for updating.
Unfortunately, matching jar dependencies (24.2.2) havent been published to your dremio free maven repo.
I’m trying to build my UDF-GIS extensions plugins (Add ST_* like functionality) and failing on missing dependenices.

Could you please advise?