Latest Dremio 24.2.5 community artifacts are not found in Dremio's community maven repo

Following up on Latest 23.1.0 community artifacts not available in dremio's public maven repo

Both 24.2.2 and 24.2.5 are not present in Dremio’s community maven repo. There’s now a 5 month lag.
Any reasons artifcats do not make it to your maven repo anymore?

@sheinbergon We’ll be publishing 24.x to the maven repo before the end of the year. Apologies for the delay.

Thank you. I’m the developer behind GitHub - sheinbergon/dremio-udf-gis: GIS UDF extensions for Dremio
And I need them in order to bump my library compatibility.

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@isha any updates about this? we are nearing christmess off time, and I’m worried this won’t happen by the end of this year.

Not sure if this is taking the thread slightly off-topic, but would the same apply for publishing the source to the Github repo…?