API does not return double quotes in path property

Whenever I make an API request to the catalog endpoint, I receive an object that looks like this response.

That response does not include information about where double quotes (") need to be included on the path property in order to be used with services like intake_dremio or other plugins.

From what I’ve seen, double quotes can surround anything depending on some internal Dremio protocol.

Is there a way to know where the double quotes belong around the path?


Update: It appears that there is information about escaped double quotes in this response?

Looks like the information is stored in the “children” property.

Is there a reason why the escaped quotes don’t show on the response of a virtual data set?

The REST API doesn’t require any escaping of paths since it uses lists. SQL however does, for example:

select * from Samples."samples.dremio.com"."zip_lookup.csv"

Because some of the path entities contains the path seperator (.), you need to provide " around samples.dremio.com and zip_lookup.csv.

In fact, you can just put " around each part of the path and you should be fine.

Unfortunately, using double quotes around each part of the path did not solve my issue.

Is there a way to return the exact area the quotes need to go using the Dremio API?

How are you running SQL in Dremio exactly?

Basically, I use the Dremio API by sending a catalog ID with my request to gain information about a dataset.

I use the dataset path to execute SQL with plugins. Because the “quote” format isn’t included, the plugins break.

Is there a way to return the exact string format with the quotes from the Dremio API? Or should I look elsewhere (i.e. the plugin documentation) ?

Which plugin are you using? If its a third party library, you would need to consult with them.

Update: We had to work with the third party library to allow double quotes around all parts of the dremio path. Dremio does not have a way to return where the double quotes belong.