ODBC SQL double quotes issue

Let’s say in Dremio my Space name is “My-Space”
My reporting tool (SSRS) is using ODBC connection to connect to Dremio.
My SQL query looks like this - SELECT col1, col2 FROM “My-Space”.MyFolder.MyVDS

I am getting ODBC error because its not liking double quotes around my space name. I tried all different escape char ways putting “” ,"""", " etc but its not working.
Without double quotes Dremio is not liking the - in my space name “My-Space”.

Any suggestion?



Have you tried adding something like below to the end of the Advanced Properties in Dremio Connector DSN

We need to find out what is for DOUBLE_QUOTES


Above two are examples for different ODBC tools and each one requires to ignore one of them, similarly we need to find it for “”

I don’t see any option suggested in document - ODBC · Dremio