API for security /group /users

Hi ,
Is there any documentation for API for Security ie Which User/group is having what type of access to the dataset
I was informed that it will be available in 2.1 . Now 2.1 is out , but I couldn’t find updated docs for this API


In 2.1 Enterprise Edition, the catalog api will include access control information and the payload changes are documented here.

We are missing documentation on getting user and group information, sorry about that. The basic API for them are:

GET api/v3/user/$userName
GET api/v3/user/$userId
GET api/v3/group/$groupName
GET api/v3/group/$groupId

The return payload is of the format:

  "id": String,
  "name": String

We will work on updating the documentation to include this information, hopefully this is enough to get you started.

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