Arp extends db2 connector, cross schema issues

Hi, everyone:

 I refer to the Arp extended db2 connector and find that it is different from other oracle, postgresql and other databases

Test scenario: There are two schemas under one database: test1 (Table A) and test2 (Table B)

Test1 is in the current schema

Query: select from test1. A is correct

The query: select from test2. B is wrong at this time, and it needs to be modified to any of the following to be correct

Select from test2. B B — Add alias

Select test2. from test2. B — Add schama limit to the field

At present, the test dremio query is transferred to JdbcRecordReader This of setup() The SQL in SQL is the SQL with the above errors,

Please tell me how I can interfere with the generation of this SQL statement by adding aliases to the SQL statement or schema restrictions to the fields

Dremio version: 22

已参考另一个dremio问题页面启发,添加方法覆盖,禁止为jdbc sql 拼接字段及前缀

public boolean hasImplicitTableAlias() {
return false;