IBM db2 arp connector

hi, in previous versions as Dremio did not support the direct connection to db2 I implemented my own connector to db2.

For this new version of dremio (24) I enabled the official dremio integration however it is not working correctly under certain queries that cause the pushdown is not done and ends up sending a final sql to the database (pushdown)

I identified the following:

  1. if there is a calculated column in the query x example hashsa256 the pushdown fails

  2. Operator IS NOT NULL not supported. Aborting pushdown.

  3. Limit not supported. Aborting pushdown.

  4. Operand 1 (IS NOT NULL($3)) for operator CASE was not supported. Aborting pushdown.

  5. Operator “-” not supported. Aborting pushdown.

  6. Operator “+” not supported. Aborting pushdown.

  7. Operator CAST not supported. Aborting pushdown.

  8. Also identify that in some cases DECIMAL is treated as DECIMAL (0,0) regardless of the correct definition of the column, which in my case is DECIMAL(16,2)

For previous versions of Dremio with my own connector that I tested for years I have debugged it to support most of the cases correctly and the pushdowns have been executed correctly

I am attaching the ARP yml with my settings, which includes the mentioned cases that are not working correctly in the official implementation.

Repo: GitHub - Uqai-dev/dremio-db2-plugin

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Thanks for letting us know. I’ve opened an internal ticket PM-1938 to fix these problems.

another error is

Operand 3 (0:DECIMAL(38, 2)) for operator CASE was not supported. Aborting pushdown.

Hello Any news about all this bugs?
I have a new arp-db2.yml tested by months and works well best than native db2 of Dremio