Azure ADLS Gen 2 - Storage v1 works but v2 does not


On Azure, I’ve created a Storage Account V2 (general purpose v2) with Hierarchical namespace on (so it’s a ADLS Gen2 data lake).
When I try to connect to it, I go to New Data Lake → Azure Storage and I insert the Account Name and the Access Key.
Unfortunately, if I set account type → Storage v2 (which is the default) it doesn’t work. This is the log:

2022-03-18 13:59:08,478 [start-example] WARN com.dremio.common.util.Retryer - Retry attempt 2 for the failure at$DFSContainerIterator:readNextPage:226, Error - java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: connection timed out:

The strange thing: if i set Storage kind type v1, it works.