Cannot connect Azure StorageV2 account but can as V1

This seems a bit odd to me.

I have a storage account which is in the Azure Portal, the overview says it is a StorageV2 account.

When connecting Dremio in to it, I can only connect to it if Dremio is told it’s a StorageV1 type.

As a StorageV2 account, it contains some Table Storage, which I was hoping I could query from in Dremio.

Are there any known issues with this?

Just to follow up, the underlying issue here was that the V2 account had SoftDelete enabled, and had to be switched off (perversely)

However, the storage account had some Azure Tables in it.

Dremio cannot see these, is there anyway I can get Dremio to see/access the tables?

@spireite are you able to see these folders from “az client”? Also what kind of files are under these folders? Parquet?