Breaking change not mentioned in release notes for 24.3

The release notes does not mention that format is now a reserved word.

Also, it would be nice if query syntax error messages would specify which VDS they are referring to if they are not referring to the current query.

Running a query in 24.3.0 on top of a VDS (Created in an earlier version of Dremio) that contains the word format gives a syntax error with a reference to a line and column, but doesn’t specify that the error pertains to a VDS and not to the current query. The current query is underlined with the red wavy line as if the error is there just to add to the confusion.

It is also not mentioned as a reserved word in the reference documentation: Reserved Words | Dremio Documentation

Are you able to share an example of a query that is causing this issue? Feel free to DM me.

We have already updated our Dremio installations and fixed the issue, but if you create a VDS in an older version of Dremio as

CREATE VIEW test.my_old_vds AS SELECT 1 AS format

Then update to 24.3.0 and issue a query against that dataset as

SELECT * FROM test.my_old_vds

You should get the error.

To see that Dremio treats it as a reserved word, simply enter SELECT 1 AS format in the SQL editor in Dremio 24.3.0, and you will get the error highlighting with the message Unexpected token 'format'. Expecting Identifier

The solution is simple, just update the VDS query to SELECT 1 as "format" (enclosing the newly reserved word in quotes)

This is a bug that will be fixed in 24.3.1. format is not intended to be a reserved word.
Apologies for the inconvenience with the broken views.