Build with "oss-only" is 5 times slower than standard community build

I have found some performance issues on Dremio 13.0.0.

It seems to be depending on Maven build flag


Cicrumstances / Environment:

  • Parquet files on S3
  • Dremio running on single container (1 coordnate & 1 executer)
  • unlimited RAM, CPU - running on same docker environment


  1. Community Build (oss-only=false): query takes 4s → see (44.7 KB)
  2. Community Build (oss-only=true): query takes 20s → see (42.1 KB)

I do not really expect performance difference. OSS-only seems to me only restricted in the number of adapter for data sources!?

Thanks in advanced for any hints regarding that issues or my personal expectations.


OSS code does not use the Vectorized reader for parquet… hence, expected to be slower