Built-in SHA256 hashing function in Dremio?

Hi Guys,

I was trying to use the hashing functions to convert strings into hashed values, I have tried MD5() and SHA1() and both two functions worked perfectly.

But when I tried to use SHA256(‘hi’), I got this error: Error: VALIDATION ERROR: No match found for function signature sha256()

I also tried sha2(‘hi’, 256), and got this error: Error: FUNCTION ERROR: SHA2 does not support operand types (VARCHAR,INTEGER)

Does anyone know how to get sha256 or sha2 functions work?

Thank you guys so much!

Bump. I have this same question. I’m also interested in sha256 Dremio function. Thanks!

SHA256 now comes built in, starting version 16 onwards. You can use it as hashsha256(‘a’)