Bulk creation of virtual dataset in space

I want to map all tables from my database to a space, so that the unique name/coordinated mirror the value we use when we query the database directly - this way, my data team only need to change the connection string in the BI tool rather than having to change all references to database/schema/table.

It’s not particularly easy to do loads of them - is there a way to do it in bulk ?

as an example - the coordinates may be “snowflake...

” - if I create a select * as … query and save to a space, they become ..
which is the values we use directly on the database.

The mappings would follow the same structure, just have a different table name - so some scripting perhaps would do the job ?


Did you try using the REST API commands to create the space and VDS?



Thank you. I did just notice this and I found some python clients that can assist.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.