Caching at Google CDN broken?


to save bandwidth (I am not particularly ecologically inclined, but try to minimize waste), I’d rather not download sth when I do not need to. I normally use --time-cond with curl so that

curl \
  -o images/dremio-oss/dremio-community-4.1.3-202001022113020736-53142377.tar.gz \
  -z images/dremio-oss/dremio-community-4.1.3-202001022113020736-53142377.tar.gz \

This is particulary important when you rebuild docker-images nightly.

With dremio, this does not work, because the Google CDN resets the timestamps with each request. The equivalent will happen behind (corporate) proxies at the customers site etc and I suspect the same might happen at the customers site with the supported version.

It could be a caching issue as described in 1, although I may well be wrong.

Just thought to drop a line. In any case, thank you for developing dremio.