Can Dremio support Cassandra as datasource

community ver.19x

As I couldn’t find the Cassandra connector in external data source? Would there workaround to support Cassandra? Many thanks:D

Hi @crazyisjen

There is no in-house solution for Cassandra, however, I found this 3rd party solution, hopefully it works for you: Connect to Cassandra Data in as an External Source in Dremio


thanks, would Cassandra connector be available in version 24?

I don’t believe there are any plans to support Cassandra as of now. Did you try the 3rd party connector I referenced above? If yes, can you provide the community your feedback on it?

Thanks, Bogdan

Based on the Dremio CE source code, they have a placeholder for a Cassandra integration. But it looks like 25.0 just came out and it is not in there so I guess we have to wait at least a few more months to see if they will ever add it.

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