Roadmap for Cassandra support & source documentation

Good day dear dremio team.

First, kudos for what looks like a really promising product. I don’t expect to get excited when using this kind of tool, and yet it happened.

To the question:
Do you already have estimates for a timeline of when Cassandra will be supported as a source? Dremio ticks of lots of boxes for us, and this is one of the last major ones remaining.

We know the doc and app both mention that this is planned, and we are just wondering about what your definitions of in the near future and coming soon are.

On a semi-related note: We’ve been spelunking through the code to get a sense of how easy it would be to add a custom connector, even a very dumb one that does not push queries down to Cassandra (ie, seeing a small Cassandra table as a simple CSV file would be enough for a first POC).

Everything seems well structured, but it takes a great deal of time to figure out what happens where. Do you plan to release some documentation for the source code in the future, and/or guidelines for adding custom plugins?



Hey @julien, thank you for your kind words!

We’re hoping to add a Cassandra connector in the next 3-6 months. The timing really depends on what we hear from our community and customers. Cassandra is one of the sources on our short list but it’s still a bit hard to estimate timing. It would be great to have all community members interested in Cassandra to comment on/like this thread.

As for source documentation/custom connectors, we’re planning to release a data source SDK shortly after the above timeframe. It is a bit challenging for us to document what we have right now, as things are shifting around quickly and we still believe we have some work to do here.


Hi @julien,

Any updates here? There is a lot of interest from the Looker community in being able to use Dremio with Cassandra.


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Hi @can

Any updates on Cassandra Support?


Hey @Monika_Goel , thanks for checking in. We’re keeping an eye on this. Compared to some of the other capabilities we’ve been looking at, Cassandra connector wasn’t as prominent since my earlier comment on this thread. That said, it is not off our short list. If you want to discuss this more in detail and how it relates to your priorities, happy to loop in a few folks from our field/sales teams. Let me know!

Hi @Can

Thanks for your reply.
Can you please check with your technical team, if there is any way to connect with Cassandra using Rest API or JDBC/ODBC drivers?


Hi Monika, there is not a way to connect to C* at this time. We will be sure to post here when there is.

Hey @can ,any update for supporting Cassandra as a datasource.Thanks!

Cassandra was never created to behave like RDBMS table , that’s why they never added proper JDBC driver ( what you get is connector not driver) . Now with Datastax moving away from Apache Cassandra, has release Spark based JDBC ( not free for production ). I don’t think you will ever get proper JDBC driver for Cassandra.