Can we provide calcite-core-1.12.0 .jar java code to us?

We encountered a series of problems using dremio to query ES, we need to modify the calcite-core-1.12.0 code to solve these problems, but now we found that the source code of calcite-core-1.12.0 modified by dremio team is not open source Can you send us a source alone?

jar: calcite-core-1.12.0-201711022309440460-bd4149e.jar

Thank you

Unfortunately at that time we cannot provide the source code to you, but we are working on moving fully to upstream Calcite in the coming months.

Meanwhile, if you have specific issues you’d like us to fix, feel free to open a new thread so we can work on it with you.

Question one: SELECT count (distinct device_id) It is recommended to use the (ES, MySQL, MongoDB) API rather than in the dremio executor

In fact, the SQL query only tens of thousands of data, but dremio implementation plan is to scan these hundreds of millions of tables of data, we need to fix a lot of similar problems and custom development


Will the Enterprise Edition will provide the source code of the jar?

The enterprise edition comes with some additional features and dedicated support channels. Don’t hesitate to contact us by visiting if you want more details about it.