Build Calcite for Dremio

Dremio depends on artifacts such as “calcite-core-1.12.0-201802162217200854-87dbbf1.jar”. Due to the firewall here I couldn’t download it, but I also couldn’t figure out how to build it from source. Does the hash “87dbbf1” correspond to a commit in the main calcite repo? I didn’t find it there, either.

In contrast, there’s a fork of Arrow (dremio-oss/arrow) that I can easily build from source.

It would be very helpful if I can learn about which calcite version is used in building Dremio. Thanks!

Any idea on this? Just want to figure out how “calcite-core-1.12.0-201802162217200854-87dbbf1.jar” is built…

As of now, the source code of that specific version of Calcite is not available. We are currently working on catching up on upstream, and open source this changes.

Meanwhile, you should see if you can download those artifacts on a different machine, and install them on your local repository.