Cannot access Dremio UI after install


Very new to Dremio and really centos as well. To test if this would do what we need (pulling data from syslog logs and building dashboards in PowerBI) I installed Dremio 3.2.8 (with difficulty) on CentOS 7.6 and have elasticsearch 6.8.0 running with wazuh.

The difficulty with the install: i followed the documentation “yum install dremio-(myversion).rpm” and centOS could not find the package. I had to download the file from the site, FTP it to the server, and install the RPM that way.

I started the service and everything is running, but when I go to the host IP:9047 i get nothing. I verified the firewall is allowing 9047 and other ports i’ll need but i get no response.

I feel like there’s some component or something that I’m missing with this.
Full Disclosure, I installed Dremio on Ubuntu and was able to connect from the browser without issue. Is it a CentOS configuration or component i’m missing? I verified I’m on JavaJDK8. Not sure what to do or where to go from here.