Cannot convert the value null to type table

Running on the pre Jan 2018 version of powerBI, worked with Dremio ODBC driver + Dremio 1.4.4
I upgraded PowerBi and now I can’t connect with error
We cannot convert the value null to type Table.

From the log
2018-01-25 15:13:35,060 [25959b5f-a22b-7469-f449-4dcd4eea0d00:foreman] INFO query.logger - {“queryId”:“25959b5f-a22b-7469-f449-4dcd4eea0d00”,“schema”:"",“queryText”:"[Get Catalogs] Catalog Filter: pattern: “%”\nescape: “\\”\n.",“start”:1516922015059,“finish”:1516922015060,“outcome”:“COMPLETED”,“username”:“dremio”,“commandDescription”:“metadata; direct”}
2018-01-25 15:13:35,100 [25959b60-786e-dccb-a404-7fa65094e500:foreman] INFO query.logger - {“queryId”:“25959b60-786e-dccb-a404-7fa65094e500”,“schema”:"",“queryText”:"[Get Columns] Catalog Filter: pattern: “DREMIO”\nescape: “\\”\n, Schema Filter: pattern: “Workspace”\nescape: “\\”\n, Table Filter pattern: “Clickstream\\_Analytic”\nescape: “\\”\n, Column Filter pattern: “%”\nescape: “\\”\n.",“start”:1516922015099,“finish”:1516922015100,“outcome”:“COMPLETED”,“username”:“dremio”,“commandDescription”:“metadata; direct”}

@rwidjaja we were able to reproduce this issue internally. Thanks for the information. We’ll reach out when we have an update.


The ODBC driver has been updated to fix this issue with the latest versions of Power BI. If you would like to use a newer build of Power BI, please head over to Dremio’s download page to get the latest ODBC driver.

Let us know if you run into any further issues. Thanks.

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Just a note. If you are doing a fresh install of PowerBI (as opposed to an upgrade from a previous Power BI version), you may encounter an issue where Power BI cannot find the Dremio Connector. This is a known issue we are tracking with the March build of Power BI. A workaround for this issue for now is to copy the Dremio.mez file from “C:\Users[USER]\Documents\Microsoft Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors” to “C:\Users[USER]\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors”.

Thanks for that Josh.