Cannot copy data

HI there
I am trying to copy data into an iceberg table by running COPY INTO statement but it fails.
It says there is a failure parsing the query.
I am using the community edition:
Community Edition

Another questeion related to COPY INTO syntax
I am using Minio (local S3 compatible storage) named “Local Minio”
COPY INTO arctic.myTable
FROM ‘@SOURCE/bucket/path/folder/file.json’
FILE FORMAT ‘parquet’
What should @SOURCE should be? [“Local Minio”]?


Hey Oskar–

One of the easiest ways to get the correct path for the source is to just drag it on onto the sql runner.

In the above, I’m dragging out the NYC-taxi-trips to get it’s fully qualified location for use in a query.

Does this help? If not, a screenshot of what you are doing and what error you are hitting would be helpful.


Hi Danh
Thanks for the quick replay. It makes sense yes.
Regarding the COPY INTO could you give me any insight please?

And another question:
I deployed dremio in kubernetes with dremio_v2 helm chart. For some reason is not upgrading the docker image via
microk8s helm3 upgrade dremio
microk8s helm3 uninstall dremio and later microk8s helm3 install dremio
How can I make kubernetes get the updated docker image?

I’d split this helm chart question into another thread. I don’t have much experience with this.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand what your question regarding copy into is. Can you add a screenshot of what you are doing and explain what is going wrong? I thought you were asking how to get the fully qualified source name and that’s what I showed dragging the source in to the editor.

You are probably right, there are two many issues.

COPY INTO <table_name> 
  FROM '@<storage_location_name>[/<path>[/<file_name>] ]'
  [ FILES ( '<file_name>' [ , ... ] ) |
    REGEX '<regex_pattern>' ] 
[ FILE_FORMAT 'csv' | 'json' ]
[ ( [csv_format_options] | [json_format_options] ) ]

Does not work in my dremio (v 23) It returns a parse error.
Is it working only from v.24 ?

COPY INTO support started in v24, yes. My apologies that I missed that you were using the 23 CE.

I upgraded to v.24 and it worked!
Thanks so much

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