Cannot get column with parentheses

I connected to Elasticsearch and have the following document:

PUT double_test/test_point/1
  "my data point (in parens!)": 2.5

Dremio barfs when trying to use it:

      Column 'my data point ( in parens!)' not found in table 'test parens'

Here is the exact SQL statement (from Tableau) used to generate that error:

SELECT SUM( "test parens"."my data point ( in parens!)") AS "sum_my_data_point__in_parens___ok"
FROM "Time Series Data"."test parens" "test parens"
HAVING ( COUNT( 1) > 0)

Connecting Tableau to e.g. Excel does not have that issue. (Have not tried other databases in Tableau.) Possible Dremio bug?

Hi @chuchurocket27,

This is a known issue regarding the use of the ‘(’ and apparent appended whitespace. It is being internally tracked. We will notify you when there is a resolution available. In the mean time as a work around, is it possible to not use parentheses in your workflow?

Yes, a workaround is simple and viable :slight_smile:

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