Dremio Connector - Excel - Error if dataset contains parenthesis

I think I encountered a bug while using Dremio Connector to fetch data in Excel. If dataset name contains ( ) , you’ll get error, most likely thats because ( ) have special meaning in Java and underlying work done by Connector is based on Java I believe.


Can you share the error message?

It looks like you are trying to access a table contained in the personal home space of user myuser using user msdfamily, which is not allowed.

Can you try to run the query from Excel using user myuser by any chance?

Sorry Laurent I wanted to remove user name from logs I’ve posted here, but eventually it didn’t happened as expected essentially I replaced @msdfamily with @myuser in logs. The odbc connection was set using this msdfamily account and used in Excel, I tried loading same file by removing () , it works but with () it doesn’t

Are you able to see the content of the table from the UI by visiting the dataset?

Also, could you please attach the content of the server log, instead of pasting it? I’m afraid the content was reformatted and quote symbols have been messed up.

Thank you Laurent for prompt reply. Yes I’m able to view table data in Dremio UI. Attached are logs in picture format as upload feature expects img/png etc files only.


seems order of images is lost, line numbers are included in 4 images, 1 image doesn’t have line numbers, thats start of log file. To simulate you can create a sample excel sheet, when you load it in Dremio, save file with () in name and then try to open in Excel using Dremio Connector.

Thank you for your help.