Cannot use User Defined Functions in Dremio 22.1.1

I am able to create user defined functions in Dremio 22.1.1 community, can confirm they are added to the sys.user_defined_functions table, and can see them in the results of SHOW FUNCTIONS. But when I try to use them in a query, I get an error. By way of example, I utilized one of the sample UDFs from the documentation:


When I attempt to call it without a fully qualified path:

SELECT hello()

I get this error: “No match found for function signature hello()”

If I fully qualify it with the namespace:

SELECT "@workspace".hello()

I receive this error: ‘com.dremio.service.namespace.NamespaceNotFoundException: not found: “@workspace”.hello’

This same thing happens no matter what UDF I define. What am I missing?

Welcome to the Dremio Community, @markjam33!

Try using fully qualified space name while creating the function?


Thanks, but that didn’t work for me. Same errors.

@markjam33 I got the same error you got in v22.1.1 CE, and it looks like version I was using (v23.0.1 CE) does not have it. If it’s possible could you try upgrading to 23.0.1?

I was afraid that would be the solution, but yes, upgrading is possible.