User Defined Functions

Hello. This question has been raised earlier, but I have not been able to find relevant information.

I need to implement multiple aggregate functions (like in some data sources).I am aware of the external_query functionality available, but unfortunately it does not suit us as a final solution for a number of reasons.

For the old version of dremio there is an example of creating a custom function (dremio link ; github project), but when I tried to run it on the new version (4.7.3) (by placing the generated jar in the jars folder), I got an error:

No match found for function signature example_concat_op (<CHARACTER>, <CHARACTER>)

I assume this error is being caused by calcite (sabot). But maybe Iā€™m just doing something wrong.

Is it possible to add udf to dremio at the moment?
Or do I need to try to infiltrate the dremio \ calicte code and try to do it myself (if at all possible)

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