Can't connect to mlab MongoDB

I’m trying to connect to a MongoDB hosted on mlab. I tried using admin as the authentication db and I also tried to use my own DB as the auth db (though I’m not sure that’s a correct config) but it keeps failing. Using WireShark I can see that Dremio is carrying out a short conversation with my DB server, but it fails to establish a connection. I tried extending the timeout significantly too.
I’ve attached 2 logs - one for each type of attempt. (6.0 KB)

I finally figured it out, so for the benefit of anybody else looking for similar information:

  1. If you’re not using an mLab dedicated plan, the authentication db is just your regular db name which you’re trying to connect to.
  2. If you’re on a replica set, you have to add a connection string parameter, which is the parameter provided by mLab at the end of the connection string - replicaSet=
  3. You might have to extend the timeout beyond the default 2000ms
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