MongoDB Dremio Connectio

Hi guys,

So i’m really new to dremio, and i want to use mongodb through dremio. I’m trying to make a new MongoDB source and it asks me for a host, authentication and authetication database.
Normally i would just use the URL given to me (int this case at mlab, where I have my databased stored) and it would be good. Can someone explain to me what are those 3 things that are asked and is there anyhting else importante I should configure so I can create this new source?

Many Thanks to all

Hi Joao,

Host is the url or IP address of your Mongo server (, localhost,, etc)

Authentication specifies whether or not authentication is required, if so you need to provide the username and password required to connect

Authentication database is where the authentication credentials are stored in mongo (normally “admin”). If you are not using authentication, you can leave this blank.

Hope that helps!

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I think I managed to complete the fields for hosts and port aswel as the username and the password. But if I leave the Authentication Database empty it says"Could not find/access authentication database admin.". I have no clue what I should put in that field.I tried to put just the db name, the whole url string with no success

Can you tell me more about your setup? Are you connecting to a localhost? Is the Mongo sharded? Are you using Mongo Atlas?

It could also be that your credentials are not in the default admin database, in which case you would need to specify where you are storing your credentials in Mongo.

Hello @joao.p.costa, the Authentication Database should be the name of the Mongo db with the user you’re authenticating with. See: