Can't read Iceberg V2 tables with equality deletes on Dremio Software v25.0


I saw on version 25.0 release notes that Dremio has added support for reading Apache Iceberg tables with equality deletes! :smiley:
After updating my Dremio Software installation, I connected to my AWS Glue Catalog but still can’t run queries on my tables :persevere: :

Here is the query profile: (8,9,KB)

And always, when I click on one of those tables, I see this message on server.log:
2024-04-22 20:09:46,193 [qtp1031881140-370] INFO c.d.e.catalog.ManagedStoragePlugin - Dataset [DataLake.kafka.mz_loja] has incomplete metadata.

Why is this happening? I gave full permissions to Glue and S3 resources to the profile used by Dremio.


Hey there Almir–

I am taking a look at this. Thanks a ton for providing the profile and error message ahead of time.

Dan from Dremio

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Hello @danh ! How are you?

Do you have any news on this?

We will work on getting a fix out in the first patch release of 25. I believe we found the issue. Thanks again for sharing this issue with us.