Can't use dremio after modified tarball installation

Hi everyone!
I’ve downloaded latest dremio.tar.gz file, extracted it, replaced logo files, again zipped that modified project. After that I followed official dremio tarball installation guide to install dremio on Linux centOs server. Java path and everything is fine.
I found that after extracting dremio file, I found that many file paths are different than the installation guide. I searched filenames, got files in directories (not mentioned in dremio guide).
On starting dremio, I got class file not found error and after checking that java file I got that required java packages are not in that directory where main java file is looking into.
It is very difficult to check and find each file requiring which files and then after we also need to move that file into particular directory, even after doing so no guarantee that it will work or not.
I request to all members here, please help me if there is any updated guide for dremio tarball installation.
It would be helpful for me to move further.